Our Strategy

Our strategy of long-term investing in our production facilities means that we operate on extended time horizons. These long term commitments provide opportunities for us to plan, to implement and deliver sustainable contributions to social wellbeing, environmental stewardship and economic prosperity, within our strong governance systems.

Our focus on sustainable development provides the framework in which our business operates. This allows us to maintain a highly regarded reputation that ensures ongoing access to people and capital. This, in turn, helps us to deliver better return for our shareholders, manage risk effectively, reduce environmental impacts, cut operating costs, attract and retain high caliber employees and provide more business development opportunities. These factors help differentiate ZCMC from its competitors and contribute to our goal of being the undisputed sector leader in creating value for our stakeholders.

We also recognize that, if not managed appropriately, some aspects of our activities have the ability to detract from sustainable development, such as options for the future use of water and land; amenity impacts on local communities; and greenhouse gas emissions from our operations and the use of our products.

As a leading mining company, we face considerable challenges in mitigating environmental impacts, managing health and safety risks, and addressing difficult social and economic issues across our operations. We have set company-wide performance targets to address material sustainability issues identified by internal and external stakeholders.

Our current and future operations span complicated and challenging natural and social environments. Our stakeholders are essential partners in our quest toward sustainable development. When we provide transparent information about our business, communities and host governments can better understand and anticipate the effects of our operating plans.

Since 2005, we spent significant amounts on community investments and on environmental protection. We are continuing our efforts to make lasting contributions to society, long after our operations have ceased. We will maintain the highest standards of integrity and transparency in our social and economic development programs.

We appreciate the response and engagement by our employees and stakeholders as we have executed significantly revised operating plans without compromising our environmental, economic and social performance. It is this spirit of dedication and cooperation that will support our sustainable development efforts now and long into the future.