Our Approach

A pragmatic approach: At ZCMC we recognize that the effective implementation of our sustainable development framework will deliver real and tangible benefits to the Company and its stakeholders, as well as will in the long-run allow meeting the country’s economic and community development objectives.  As such, the extensive experience of the Company in such environment and highest quality of works in conjunction with the optimized cost structure lead to optimal solution in mining business.

A positive approach: ZCMC has been operating in mining business for about 60 years and not only survived through the most difficult times of economic transition but increased its capacity and strengthened its position as an industry leader. No environment is perfect for development in mining; there are always negative factors. Any approach in such environment must build on the positives that do exist and seek to minimize the impact of the negatives. Therefore a positive approach is needed to overcome all those negatives and difficulties.

Communication: The multiplicity and diversity of companies, markets and industries, as well as means that high levels of communication and consultation will be required among the different partners and actors, as the business evolves. ZCMC approaches its business operations by establishing sound communications channels with all relevant parties to ensure the coherence of approach necessary for success.

Flexibility: A business of such complexity and scale requires flexibility in its operations. ZCMC is equipped with all necessary tools and ability to assure the promptest adjustment of human and technical resources, plans and strategies to the requirements of rapidly changing environment.