We produce molybdenum and copper concentrates, which are then roasted and smelted in and outside of Armenia.

The ZCMC processing plant is a mature facility plant with an established processing track record that has managed well the increase in throughput over the last few years. 

The processing plant utilizes the conventional processes of crushing, grinding and froth flotation to produce separate concentrates of copper and molybdenum.

The flotation flowsheet involves the bulk flotation of copper and molybdenum minerals followed by depression of copper minerals and the flotation, with multi stage cleaning, of molybdenum.The plant is current treating ore at a rate of 20 metric tonnes per annum and it is planned to increase throughput through the installation of an additional grinding line consisting of large diameter SAG and ball mill.The flotation capacity of the ZCMC plant was replaced between 2005 and 2009 with the replacement of old, small flotation cells with larger volume forced air cells. The new cells operate with low pressure air and have automatic level controls.

The copper and molybdenum concentrates are dewatered in two separate plants. The quality control is ensured by the operations of up-to date equipped laboratories dealing with ore samples and flotation analysis, as well as with various research test works.

The plant has a good record of availability which is achieved through well organized maintenance schedules. 

The plants tailings gravitate through a series of pipes and channels to the TSF facility at Kapan.