Our Mission, Vision and Values

We keep on with our Growth strategy and constantly seek new sources of competitive advantage having the ultimate goal of delivering industry-leading returns to our shareholders.

We can achieve this only through genuine partnerships with employees, customers, shareholders, local communities and other stakeholders, which are based on integrity, co-operation, transparency and mutual value-creation.

As always and thereafter, we intend to:

  • Ensure a rigorous and unwavering focus on value creation through ongoing portfolio optimization, delivery of capital and operational efficiencies;
  • Provide a work environment that allows our employees meet their professional development goals and to achieve financial success for themselves and the company;
  • Produce positive contribution to society.

In performing its work, the ZCMC subscribes to the values and objectives identifies below:

  • Quality must and does drive all activities, projects, business development and administration. It must be considered as a given.
  • Innovations: to be a leader in our respective professions there must be a never-ending quest for new ideas. This quest includes the development of homegrown ideas, as well as concepts developed elsewhere.
  • Leadership: management recognizes and embraces that fact that their role extends beyond the management of people and activities. They exhibit leadership appropriate to their responsibilities, they have a vision of how to accomplish their work and they are willing to lead employees to this place. As leaders they provide and project continuous excitement, motivation and energy.
  • Financial success is a result of all actions taken not a single activity. Ultimately financial success results from efficient implementation of the company’s vision, values and systems.